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Assessment Process

Are you considering church planting?  The EFCA's assessment process is designed to help you answer that question as you consider your next steps to live out God's mission for your life.  

Phase 1: Introductions

Planter Interest Survey

If you are interested in learning more about church planting with the EFCA and entereing into our assessment pathway please complete this short survey.  After completing this interest survey an EFCA church planting leader will contact you to schedule an interview.  Following the interview you may be invited into the pre-assessment process.

Phase 2: Pre-Assessment

During this phase you will learn more about yourself and how church planting may or may not be a good fit for you.  The pre-assessment phase involves a series of surveys and inventories that will be used to develop your church planting profile.  

Survey 1: Biographical and Faith

Survey 2: Ministry Experience and Preparation

Survey 3: Church and Theology

After completing the initial surveys, please complete the "Bundle Package" at Church Planter Profiles and if married the Couple Checkup assessment.

Church Planter Profile Assessment ($114)

  • When asked, "Are you working with an agency" please anser "Yes..."
  • When prompted, "Select the Agency you are working with" select the "Evangelical Free Church of America" in the drop-down box. 
  • Do not skip the Initial Screening Assessment ("ISA").

Couple Checkup Assessment (if married, $35)

After completing and submitting these surveys and assessment profiles an EFCA church planting leader will discuss the results with you to help you discern if you should continue to pursue church planting.  At the end of this discussion you may be invited to a Church Planter Assessment Retreat.

Phase 3: Church Planter Assessment Retreat

The Church Planter Assessment Retreat is a two-day experience-based retreat for prospective church planters and church planting couples that clarifies and supports their God-given gifts and talents and partners with them to predict and prepare for future service in ministry.

After the retreat experience a results meeting will be scheduled with you to share with you our counsel regarding next steps.

Upcoming Assessment Retreat

Chicago - Northwest Suburbs
Tuesday, August 6th – Wednesday, August 7th

  • Tuesday August 6th, 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday August 7th, 8:45 - 4:30

LifeSpring Community Church
2503 Spring Ridge Drive
Spring Grove, IL 60081