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Church Planters

We are excited that you are exploring church planting.  Whether you are just checking out to see if church planting might be a good fit or are firmly convinced of your calling to plant a church in a particular community we hope to help you along your journey.  We have developed 4 support systems to help you along your church planting journey.

ACTS System to Support Church Planters

  1. Assessment.  The purpose of assessment is for a qualified team of trained, experienced assessors to give you godly counsel about your potential church planting calling.  Completion of the EFCA assessment process is required to become an EFCA church planter. 
  2. Coaching.  The purpose of coaching is to support you on your church planting journey so that you are not alone and to keep you on target, in balance, and on time.  Committment to a one-on-one coaching relationship and active participation in EFCA Coaching Networks is required of EFCA church planters.
  3. Training.  The purpose of training is to provide you with nuts and bolts training to help you develop a strategy to plant a new church.  Our approach is much like painting - we hope to teach you how to paint on a blank canvas so that the unique calling that God has given to you can be fulfilled through your church planting efforts.  Completion of EFCA Church Planters Bootcampt is required of EFCA church planters. 
  4. Strategic Partnerships.  The purpose of developing strategic partnerships is to fund the mission.  Strategic partners are individuals, churches, and organizations who will fund church planting efforts.  EFCA church planters often times receive the financial support of other EFCA churches.  We help church planters develop and execute a strategy to mobilize their personal network to fund the church plant. 

These four systems are much like the systems of the human body.  They are not exciting or glamarous but they are necessary in order to support the healthy development of a new church.