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EFCA START - Great Lakes makes the following commitment to church planters:

1.  Church Planting Director who provides ongoing support to church planters as they plant their church.

2.  Community of Church Planters.  We grow together as followers of Christ and leaders in the church.  We support one another through study of Scripture and prayer, learning from one another, and growing as leaders.

3.  Assessment. We commit to providing wise counsel regarding whether a candidate has potential as a church planter.  

4.  Coaching. We commit to providing coaching through one-on-one coaching, church planters networks, and multiplying church networks.  

5.  Training. We commit to equipping church planters through the EFCA's bootcamp training experience. 

6.  Strategic Partnerships. Church plants are funded by churches and individuals. We work hard at connecting planters with potential partner churches.  

7.  Ministerial Association. The EFCA's Ministerial Association provides a network of support and accountability for the church planting pastor.

As an EFCA church planter, I commit to the following:

1.  Statement of Faith.  I am in agreement with the EFCA's Statement of Faith and commit to seeking ordination through the EFCA.

2.  Live a Godly Life.  As a church planter I will by God's grace live a life that is honoring to God.  If I am married I will honor my spouse so that she will flourish in her faith.  If I have children I will teach them the Scriptures and live a life before them that points them to Christ as Lord and Savior.

3.  Congregational Polity.  I affirm that the church will be in harmony with What it means to be an EFC.  

4.  Coaching.  I will be in relationship with the EFCA by (1) meeting monthly with my church planting coach, (2) regularly participating in the church planters network, and (3) attend annual GLD Conference.  

5.  Training.  I will attend an EFCA church planters bootcamp or participate in a nine month church planting residency and complete the assigned Ministry Action Plans as part of the bootcamp experience.  

6.  Strategic Partnerships.  I will work with the GLD in developing ministry and funding partnerships with other churches.  

7.  Multiplying.  I commit to planting an EFCA multiplying church. To further the mission of the church and the movement of the EFCA, the church commits to giving at least 10% of its general budget (not including external support) to support church planting and the ministries of the EFCA as follows:  

  • 1% to EFCA and 1.25% to GLD.  
  • Of the remaining 7.75% we will give funding priority to EFCA church plants and missionaries but understand that we have freedom as an EFCA church to support other missionaries and organizations.  
  • If we leave the EFCA we will honor our commitments in a God honoring way.